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Biographies Pioneers of computing A-J

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This index mentions most of the computer pioneers and their inventions, or other important people in computers or computing industry.
Due to the length of the index we have cut the index into two parts: [A-J] and [K-Z] you can navigate through both parts via the alphabet icon (see below) from both pages; they have identical mappings.
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Recently we have added a list of historic papers as they are referenced via the biographies, readers asked us to insert an index page for easier retrieval: index of papers of computer pioneers

Though we think this list to be fairly complete please if you find omissions mail us

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  • Augusta, Ada Countess of Lovelace , (2); 1816-1852 translating a report from French into to English on a lecture Babbage gave, she added her own lengthy notes to the text, and has been credited with developing the concepts of "loop" and "subroutine".
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  • Canion, Rod; Insource Technology, co-founder of compaq computers
  • Carpenter, Richard; Founded Index Technology to deliver Case tools in 1983
  • Carr, John Weber ; (1923- )
  • Cary, Frank Taylor ; (1920- )
  • Casselli, Giovanni
  • Cerf, Vinton (1943) co-developed the TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol) for the Internet
  • Charney, Jule Gregory ; (1917-81)
  • Chatfield, Glenn; Founded Duquesne Systems to provide productivity tools for IBM systems in 1970
  • Chadwick, James; 1847-1922, discovered the neutron, one of the three macro elements of an atom
  • Chernick, Aubrey; Founded Candle Corp. in 1977; developed Omegamon, first realtime performance monitor for MVS
  • Chevion, Dov; (1917-83)
  • Clark, Edith (1883-1959); excelled in breaking down complex mathematical constellations into simple graphical presentations
  • Clark, Jim - co-founder of silicon graphics and netscape corporation, (2) Silicon Graphics and Netscape
  • Cocke, John 1925 - 2002 Chief Architect of the IBM RISC architecture
  • Codd, Dr. Edgar F.; Inventor of relational database theory in the 1970s, received Turing award
  • Gerald Cohen; Designed early non-procedural language; founded Information Builders in 1975
    Colmar, Thomas de; one of the first marketable mechanical calculators
  • Constantine, Larry ; Invented data flow diagrams, presented first paper on concepts of structured design in 1974
  • Cook, Bob; Founded VM Software to develop software for IBM VM in 1981
  • Comrie, Leslie John ; (1893-1950)
  • Cook, Stephen
  • Coombs, Allen W. M.;
  • Copernicus, Nicolaus ; revolutionubus, mathematician and astronomer
  • Corbato, Fernando Jose ; (1926- )
  • Crandall, Rick; Founded Comshare, one of the early time-sharing companies, in 1966; it later became a software company selling executive  support software
  • Cray, Seymour; (1925-1996) Cray supercomputers,also founded the Control Data Corp along with Eckert, William Norris and six others
  • Christen, Ward; (1); first operational bulletin board
  • Cullinane, John; Founded Cullinane Corp., which sold the IDMS database system, in 1968; it was the first software product company to go public (in 1978)
  • Cunningham, Peter; Founded INPUT, one of the first market research firms to focus on the software and software products market, in 1974
  • Curtiss, John Hamilton ; (1909-77)
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  • d'Ocagne, Maurice; (1862-1938)
  • Dahl, Ole-Johan; (1931-2002 ) Simula
  • Davies, Donald W.; packet-switching, internet
  • Dantzig, George Bernard ; (1914- )
  • Davinci, Leonardo; inventor, polymath
  • Deeds, Edward Andrew ; (1874-1960)
  • DeForest, Lee; triode electronic switch
  • DeMarco, Tom; Case methodology pioneer, author and consultant in the 1970s
  • Descartes, Rene; philosopher
  • Dewey, Melvil
  • Dick, Alfred Blake (1856-1934)
  • Dick, Jr., Alfred Blake ; (1894-1954)
  • Diebold, John; (1926- )
  • Dijkstra, Edsger; (1930-2002) computer science, encryption, programming methodology
  • Dorner, Steve; invented Eudora an email package in 1988
  • Dougarty
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  • Eastman, George - (2); philanthropist and founder of kodak
  • Eckert, John P. ; (1919-1995) co inventor of one of the first fully electronical digital computer, along with Cray, William Norris and six others, (2) ,(3)
  • Eckert, Wallace John ; (1902-71)
  • Ed, Rob
  • Edison,Thomas Alva; invented the frigidaire and made the lamp commercialy viable
  • Einstein, Albert
  • Eisler, Paul (1907-1995); inventor of the printed circuit (2)
  • Ellis, Jim;(1956-2001) co-created usenet the second most important internet application
  • Ellison, Lawrence (Larry); Co-founded Oracle Corp in 1977; pioneered relational DBMS
  • Engel, Jr., Frank August ; (1917- )
  • Engelbart, Douglas; (2) (1925) - pioneer in human-computer communications, developer of the mouse and graphical user interface, (3)
  • Ershov, Andrei P. (1931-1988); theoretical programming
  • Estridge, Don; (1938-85) projectleader for the IBM PC/XT/AT (1981-1985)
  • Evans, Robert Overton ; (1927- )
  • Everett, Robert Rivers ; (1921- )
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  • Fairchild, George Winthrop; (1854-1924)
  • Fano, Robert Mano; (1917- )
  • Fantl. Leo
  • Faraday, Michael
  • Fast, August
  • Feigenbaum, Edward A. (AI)
  • Felstein, Lee; inventor Video Circuit Board, Osborne 1 along with Adam Osborne, Expander Computer, Sol computer
  • Felt, Dorr Eugene ; (1862-1930)
  • Ferguson, Dave; Author, in the late 60's, of PI-Sort, the first software product successfully sold against a free IBM sort program
  • Fischer, Emst Georg (1852-1935)
  • Flanders, Donald Alexander ; (1900-58)
  • Flemming, John Ambrose; inventor of the vacuum tube diode
  • Flint, Charles Ranlett; founding father of IBM (l850-1934)
  • Flowers, Thomas;(1905-1998) Colossus engineer
  • Floyd, Robert W. Forrest, Lee de
  • Forrester, Jay Wright; (2) (1918 - ) - inventor of magnetic-core memory, led the team that created Whirlwind
  • Forest, Lee de (1873 - 1961)
  • Forster, James Franklin ; (1908-72)
  • Fourier, Baron Jean-Baptiste-Joseph; (1768-1830); mathematician
  • Frank, Werner; Co-founded Informatics, the company which sold Mark IV, the first million dollar software product, in 1962
  • Bob Frankston, wrote the code for Visicalc
  • Frege, G.
  • Freytag Löringhoff, Dr. Bruno Baron von; reconstructor of Schickards calculator
  • Friedman, William Frederick ; (1891-1969)
  • Fylstra, Dan; Viscalc the first spreadsheet program
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  • Galler, Bernard Aaron; (1928- )
  • Galvin
  • Gates, Jim
  • Gates, Wiiliam H. III (Bill); (1955) one of the founders of Microsoft, DOS, Windows, (2) (see also interview and unofficial information)
  • Geissler Igelshieb, Heinrich
  • Gianello Toriano
  • Geschke, Charles M. founder of Adobe Systems in 1982 who, along with John Warnock, created "the desktop publishing" environment
  • Gill, Stanley; (1926-75)
  • Glushkov, Victor Mikhaylovich ; (1923-82)
  • Goetz, Marty; Co-founded Applied Data Research (ADR) in 1959; received the first patent issued on a software product
  • Goldstine, Herman Heine ; (1913- ) helped design the ENIAC, wrote one of the most complete computer history books.
  • Goldstein,  Bernie; Founded Broadview Associates (1970s), the first investment banking firm to focus on software industry mergers and acquisitions
  • Good, I. J. ;
  • Goodman, Richard; (1911-66)
  • Goodnight, Dr. James; Co-founded SAS Institute in 1976; developer of the SAS System
  • Gore, John K. ; ( 1845- l910)
  • Goto, Eiichi; inventor of the parametron computer
  • Gödel, Kurt
  • Grad, Burt; One of the members of the IBM team which developed the plan for unbundling software from hardware in 1969
  • Grant, George Barnard; (1849-1917)
  • Green, John
  • Green, Julien; (1924- )
  • Grillet, Rene (1600s)
  • Gore ,John K. ( 1845- l910)
  • Goto, Eiichi; inventor of analogue computer
  • Griswold, Ralph E.; (1934- )
  • Grosch, Herb; Director in 1960 of the U.S. government’s Center for Computer Science and Technology (now called NIST, National Institute of Standards and Technology)
  • Grove, Andrew, co-founder Intel
  • Groves, Leslie Richard ; (1896-1970)
  • Gudden, John Bernard
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  • Hamming, Richard W.;
  • Harris, Dr. Larry; Founded AICorp in 1975; developed AI-based natural language technology
  • Harron, Ducos de;
  • Harris, Peter; Founded ADPAC Corporation in 1963
  • Hartree, Douglas Rayner ; (1897-1958)
  • Hawking, Stephen;
  • Hazen, Harold Locke ; (1901-80)
  • Heisenberg, Werner;
  • Hell, Rudolf (1901-2002); inventor of fax machine
  • Henry, Joseph;
  • Herbrand, Jacques;
  • Heron of Alexandria; Greek mechanician and inventor
  • Herschel, John;
  • Herz, Heinrich;
  • Hewlett, William R.; (1913) co-founder of Hewlett Packard, (2)
  • Hill, Richard; Co-founded Informatics, the company which sold Mark IV, the first million dollar software product, in 1962
  • Hills, Danny
  • Hoare, C. A. R.; (CSP) 
  • Hoerni, Jean;
  • Hoff, Ted; (1937) co-developer of the microprocessor, see also W.D. Pickette, Ray Holt
  • Holberton, Betty (1927) one of a team of 5 programmers on the ENIAC
  • Hollerith, Herman, (2) (1860-1929) tabulator machine
  • Holt, Ray (19..) invented central processor in 1971 - as member of a team for the F14A, see also W.D. Pickette, Hoff, Ted
  • Hopper, Grace; (1906-1992) Created together with other engineers COBOL, Naval officer and computer scientist who led the effort in the 1960s to develop COBOL (Common Business-Oriented Language)
  • Hoover, Bill; President from 1964 to 1995 of Computer Sciences Corp. (CSC) which was an early entrant (late 1960s) in the software products market; it ultimately became a multi-billion dollar software services company
  • Househoulder, Alston Scott ; (1904-1993)
  • Huffman, David A.; Discovered a fast and efficient method of compression
  • Hull, Clark; (1884-1952)
  • Hurd, Cuthbert C.; (1911- )
  • Huskey, Harry Douglas ; (1916- )
  • Hyatt, Gilbert; co-inventor of the microprocessor in 1968, patent awarded in 1990
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  • Ichbiah, Dr. Jean; Principal designer, Ada language (1977)
  • Imlay, John; In 1971, became CEO of Management Science America (MSA), the first applications software supplier to exceed $100M in annual revenues
  • Iverson, Kenneth E.; invented APL in 1962
  • Irvine, John;
  • Iwatani, Toru; Inventor of Pac Man video game
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  • Jacobs, Walter W.; (1914-82)
  • Jaquard, Joseph Marie; (1752-1834) French weaver who built a fully automated loom programmed by punched cards.
  • Jaquet-Droz, Pierre en Henry; (1700s) punch card weaving
  • Jerger, Doug; Co-founder of Fortex, an early accounting software products company
  • Jevons, William Stanley; (1835-82)
  • Johnson, Luanne James; Founded Argonaut Information Systems to sell payroll and accounts payable software in 1971
  • Jobs, Steven Paul ; (1955- ) co founded Apple and founded Next
  • Johnson, Reynold B. ; (1906- )
  • Jones, Fletcher (deceased); Co-founder of Computer Sciences Corp. (CSC); one of the initiators of SHARE and the SHARE Operating System (SOS)
  • Jones, T. Capers ; Developed first large-scale estimating package for IBM (1972)
  • Jones, Dr. Kirk; Pioneered business planning software; principal designer of IFPS (1975)
  • Josephson, Brian D.; Josephson switch, hyper speed switching on molecular/atomaire level

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