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We have taken the liberty to make a selection of persons that in our opinion should be mentioned in this index.

To decide whether or not a person should be mentioned we weighed the following criteria:

pointer.gif (479 bytes)the importance of the inventions he or she made, 
pointer.gif (479 bytes)the impact her or his work had on the development of computers and computing

If that made us think the person worth mentioning the name is in the list.


The syntax of this biography is as follows

pointer.gif (479 bytes)[Last name], [First name + Initials], [references]; achievement

Last name or family name: Smith
First name    first given name and initials: John W.
Reference 1,2,3   either the hyperlink to the biographical page, text anywhere on this site, footnotes, or external links
Achievement why is this name in this list


pointer.gif (479 bytes)The last and first name part forms the hyperlink to the biography

pointer.gif (479 bytes)All other hyperlinks will point to bookmarks in other pages from this site or external sites.

pointer.gif (479 bytes)It is possible that we did not include someone in this index. If you feel he or she should be mentioned please mail us. Use the search button to make sure this person is omitted.

pointer.gif (479 bytes)In case you are not satisfied with your or any biography please mail the editors to inform them on omissions and short comings. Or you may send the contents to us of bio's you want others to read. Due to space limitations we might have to edit or shorten your contribution.



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