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Calvin M. Mooers

October 24, 1919, Minneapolis, MN.
December 1, 1994, Cambridge MA. USA

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Calvin N. Mooers, 1958

Calvin N Mooers 1985

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Calvin N. Mooers developed the programming Language TRAC(3),developed scientific methods to retrieve information, coined the phrases: information retrieval and descriptors. Was involved in the development of Artificial Intelligence. Calvin received the Award of Merit for the American Society of Information Science.



by Lynne Meyer Gay (trac foundation)

Calvin M. Nooers married to Charlotte Davis Oct. 6, 1945
Children: Edith August, Helen Sophia

Got his BS, University of Minnesota, 1941.
Calvin N. Mooers, a pioneer information science and early computing, was born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota, graduating summa cum laude from the University of Minnesota in mathematics in 1941. He moved to Cambridge in 1946 and received his Master of Science degree in mathematics and physics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1948.

Calvin began his career in 1941 as a physicist at the Navy Ordnance Laboratory (NOL) in Washington, DC during the war effort. In 1945, while at NOL, he worked on the development of an early computer and formed a close friendship with John W. Mauchly, the designer of the ENIAC computer. He spoke at one of the first lecture series devoted to electronic computers.

Calvin died at age 75 on December 1, 1994 of a heart attack in Cambridge, Massachusetts.(1)

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