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NCR Class 2000

1921 USA

by J.F.van Hanswijk Pennink
retired employee of NCR 1961-1995











In 1921 NCR developed the Class 2000. This was an electric accounting machine
A very sophisticated cash register that had a line printer and printed data on the inserted forms in one operation and provided 30 totals. The development of the Class 2000 opens the next step in the history of NCR.


NCR Cash Register Class 2000


The Statler Hotel chain was the first customer for the Class 2000, Statler’s large order was one of many to justify both the investment in making the machine’s more than 20000 parts and the costly hand-assembly of this major product.
This machine established control over all charges and credit-valet and porter services, restaurant and laundry charges and credits. It gave a posting voucher and a detached
record of each posting on the audit sheet all in one operation.
The ‘ bugs’ in the Class 2000 soon were overcome and NCR engineers found banking applications with this model They discovered that slight changes the mechanism could print a record on a passbook and bank’s ledger card in the same operation
The NCR Bank Posting machine was born and the basic design was still in use in the Netherlands and world wide in the 1960. With users in banks, saving associations, hotels and restaurants.

When the first Class 2000 were installed in the USA maintenance on this machine was unusual. For several years NCR technicians were stationed in hotels at the company expense, ready to leap into the office on the inevitable call that the machine had a problem.

Later the NCR developed the Post-Tronic out of the Class 2000, a product bankers were waiting for








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