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Do you want to become a correspondent or editor for


In case you are, we would like to get in touch with you!


The usual introduction...

This project started for educational purposes in a time no one was even thinking of ever throwing away a computer.

Since the last two or three decades this changed dramatically. Computers are dismantled or destroyed when no longer of use or are judged too slow to keep up with the job. The group of people maintaining this site logically started to realize that a large part of our industrial heritage is being wiped out without anyone wondering. That is one of the main reasons why the project continued to develop the history of computing project. It grew however into something beyond our expectations: over 4000 readers per day! High in Google's ranking, almost 800 web pages, special designed graphics and project members trying to keep up and checking our grammar.

Did you...

Ever wonder who invented the computer? Or did you ask yourself what Quantum or Super computing is. What is a mainframe and who invented it. Did IBM start the PC revolution?

If these questions play through your head you are one of us!

True, the history of computing is not a subject every person is interested in. And there is no glamour or fame to be gotten here.

And if you think you could spare some time, then:


Because you want to contribute to the contents, presentation or improve this site in general.
Or you think you have a story that should be told. Or you have worked for a company that has no page on our site and you want to contribute that. Or you have knowledge on programming languages and want to tell your story?

But this is a reason as well: the project has grown beyond our expectations and we need help! Help to keep up with developments, keeping up with the flood of historical data, the sheer number of subjects still to be covered...



By inviting yourself to do so


Now! Just mail us and we go from there

What could you do?

Here are a few ideas to follow up:

We need you!

What do we expect from our correspondents

We feel that a correspondent is not someone who sends in a correction once every two years. But wants to get involved in this project. For us a correspondent is someone who does something on a regular basis. In any of the area's as mentioned. She or he is someone that is willing to continuously contribute to the site on her or his own way. In his or her own time and speed.

You don't have to spent hours and hours each evening or during the day. You may contribute from a few sentences to complete stories. You can work on it as long as you want. But once you start with something we expect you to finish it.

As said you do things at your own speed. But it is always nice to see some sign of life now and then from you as our correspondent or editor. So keep in touch on a regular basis.


If you can live with that you are one of US!


The way the project is organized is as follows:


Future projects

In the future we want to introduce animations on how a chip works, and how a vacuum tube did what it did, what is doping of silica, how do you create a chip. How do you create a program, how a hard disk works, how a LCD screen works etc. etc.

Also we want to put the entire site into a database in order to be able to create a web site on demand. If someone is interested in one particular subject it should be possible to create a series of pages that only deal with that subject and sent it to that person by mail of display it on screen.


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