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Reference Index

The reference index is here to provide you with cross links through the project and offer other interesting  reading material. This page will be extended with more material when available.

Especially we would like to draw your attention to the Storylines were alternative timelines are being set up.

See also the Glossary page, Synonyms page or Info page for more information

THOCP Reference Index

  • Backward Compatibility and Cross Platform Library Usage with game consoles
  • Bibliography collection of books used for the History of Computing Project
  • Big Irons early machines that played a key role in the computer industry
  • Binary computer, who invented it?
  • Biographies, a comprehensive list of consize biographical information of computer pioneers and inventors

  • Games, the history of video games
  • Glossary of computer history related subjects
  • LCD Screens (techology)
  • Legend what do all these buttons mean? Or how to navigate this site
  • Library collection of books used for the History of Computing Project
  • Links & sites; other computing history sites with interesting stuff

  • Periodicals magazines and news papers that are used to keep the information current on the History of Computing Project
  • Papers written by computer pioneers or companies that were significant in the history of computing
  • Phishing, trying to get some one's personal data by setting up scam sites
  • Planning a yearly schedule of updating the site and other information on sections or subjects
  • Privacy statement, how do we deal with information we collect on you through your use of our site?


  • Sciences index to the sciences as used on this site
  • Search search this site
  • Search a page of often searched subjects, a kind of index of subjects you searched our site for
  • Site Map find your way around
  • Slide show, a few pages - which changes content automatically - of the contents of this site, mostly used as a demonstration gadget during expositions the Foundation supports.
  • Software, pages on key software products or short essays on software itself as used in the project
  • Stamps, a collection of digitalized postage stamps as collected by the editors from the internet or foundation's collection
  • Storylines
  • Spam unsolicited e-mail; pestilence of the net; a short history
  • Spyware; unsolicited advertisements on your screen
  • Supercomputers; an tutorial on supercomputers
  • Synonyms; searching with different keywords

  • What readers say
  • What's new, a monthly report on new and updated pages
  • Who is who at the foundation and the project
  • Wordlength, important for processors, the length of commands to work with
  • Year of birth, what happened in your birth year
  • Y2K, how the transitions from 1999 to 2000 went
  • Year Index, an easy link page to all years in the main time line


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