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acorn PC brand
adam coleco PC brand
adding machine, who invented the Pascal was one of the first to percieve and construct an adding machine, also Schickard made an early form of an adding machineThough one of the first occurences of such a device is the Abacus, this contraption does not have the properties of a machine however.
alan turing Wartime genius in mathematics to crack the German Enigma code
albert einstein Postwar genius in mathematics, physics and many more sciences. Defined the theory of relativity
analog computer, 1st analog computer; no specific data see the Heathkit EC1 as an example
Analytical engine A never finished design by Charles Babbage, see timeline 1834
dr john v atanasoff inventor of the first binary electronic computer, see also the Harvard MARK I
atm Automatic Teller Machine
Anton Pillar order

Australian law:
The ‘Anton Pillar’ order allows a copyright holder to enter into a premises to search for and seize material that breaches copyright, without alerting the target through court proceedings.

babbage, charles babbage timeline / biography Originator of the computer we have now
basic programming language
batch mode operating system processing of data by collecting first and sending it in batches to be processed by a computerprogram
binac, one of the first binary computers  
blog, blogging, history of blogging diary on the web:web logging
boole laws of thought A way to work with logic. example: It is red AND a color. A car can be driven by you OR your friend etc etc.
cadds no explanation
cathode ray tube A television tube
characteristics of the pascaline see Pascaline
claude shannon invented binary logic
cobol programming language
communications between remote devices see modem
computer generations, 1st generation see generations
computers from 1950 to 2003 see timeline
created punch card system see punch cards
creation of file too generic
crt tube
ctrl alt del reset PC
ctrl alt delete reset PC
data management how to cope with billiards of records in an systematic way
data management functions too generic
dbms database managment system
electrologica on of the first computer manufacturers in the Netherlands, bought by Philips
eniac computer one of the first fully electronic computers
eniac computer history  
enigma, inigma coding machine invented by Polish and used by the German during WWII (1938 - 1945)
expert system, structure of a systematic (computer)system which you can query to get an answer as if it came from an expert in a particular field
fat File Allocation Table, a table of contents for (hard) disks
file system method of how to store files on a data medium
file, invention of file no specific data available
files binary document
files, creation of files By creating any conbination of characters and or symbols collected in an unique identifiable 'something' (often called an object) and saved on a medium like a CD Rom or hard disk is a file. Like an image, a piece of mp3 music, a document or anything that can be put together and be saved on a disk.
first disk who invented this
first hard disk who invented this
fortran programming language
generation, first generation of computers were mechanical calculators, 1st generation computers generally historians / scientists devide the entire spectrum of computers in history into 3 or 4 generations
grace hopper one of the first women in computing making a difference in development of programminglanguages
graphic images wire images, pictures on a screen
graphic images geometrical shapes wire images, pictures on a screen
graphic images where each pixel is bit mapped and take up more memory images on a screen, non vector
history of expert system see expert system
history of the binary code (2, 3, 4, 5,)  
invention of the first airplane see timeline
john w and presper leading the creation of the eniac
joystick a device use by playing games or simulations, like flying a plane.
Usualy in the form of a handle mounted on a fixed base and equiped with buttons to fire, steering, and other handling usaly required in computer games
jsp java service page, a web based technology
l 40 sx what's this?
l40sx what's this?
maloy robert w no bio
mechanical adding machine the first types of calculators, first computer generation
mini os operating system e.g. knoppix - a mini linux stripped down of all superfluous functionality
mouse history on the computer mouse
object oriented version of c programming language see programming languages. an example is: c++
original mechanical counting device the first types of calculators, first computer generation
os, mini
  1. an operating system for mini system
  2. operating system e.g. knoppix - a mini linux stripped down of all superfluous functionalit
parallel operating systems, parallel systems Often found in supercomputers. These systems perform tasks in a parallel way, different tasks at the same time. See also Operating Systems
parc rank xerox research laboratory in Palo Alto (USA)
pascal language, history of pascal language programming language named after Blaise Pascal
pascaline Blaise Pascal's calculator
pat hanratty who is he/she?
Pillar or Pilar order see Anton Pillar
pre historic technology before technology existed?
pre industrial era one of our own chapters in the development of computing
punch card system an early form of storing data, in this case on a paper card
router who invented the router?
scsi ide cards small computers systems interface, one of the interface standards usesd in our hardware
sql structured query language, often used in connection with database programming
sql; explanation of sql structured query language, often used in connection with database programming
structure of expert system expert system is a digital equivalent of a human expert, in any filed of knowledge
universal serial bus usb
watson first director general of the new IBM; no bio
who invented mechanical adding machine Pascal was one of the first to percieve such an idea, also Schickard


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