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640K limit, much discussed topic

1st generation computers
the evolution of computers is generally divided into 4 generations
alonzo church
church_alonzo, mathematician
analytical engine
Charles Babbage
antikythera, the first lunar calculator
apple history
history of the apple company
arnold harold
no info
inventor see also biographies; Atanasoff_john
john baird
John Baird see also biographies
bill joy
co founder of Sun
binac computer
brad cox
brad cox distant learning
c j p moschovitis et all
internet timeline
cam history
CAM, Computer Aided Manufacturing
categories of computer (s)
see hardware and start with supercomputers
Colmal programming language
comix 35
no info
commodore pc 30
no info
computer geeks
Persons addicted or at least using computers intensively.
See also: Hackers
computer history
see main page of this site
computer timline (timeline)
Computer timeline - history of computing, computerhistory timeline

creators of eniac

cyber 205
one of the first supercomputers
dan bricklin
Developer of first spreadsheet
dennis hayes
Inventor of personal computer modem
description lsi chip
no info
description microprocessor 4004
no info
don hoefler
inventor see also biographies;

donald davis

see Davies, Donald

donald watts davies
inventor see also biographies; Donald Davies
douglas engelbart
inventor see also biographies; Douglas Engelbart
dr marcian e hoff
inventor see also biographies; Ted Hoff
dr marcian hoff
inventor see also biographies; Ted Hoff
dr robert taylor
inventor see also biographies;
often associated with the Stonehenge monument, see timeline
edmund c berkely
see also biographies
edward hebern
see also biographies
first monitor
see history of monitors in preparation
fletcher jones
see also biographies
george boole
see also biographies
search engine for the Internet
goto considered harmful
Edsger Dijkstra, see also biographies
grace murray hopper
see also biographies
hacking movement and hackers, a short introduction
harlen b mills
harlen mills
haskell brooks curry
herman hollerith
historia de la computacion
see history of computing
see history of computing
history computers
see history of computing
history of microsoft word
history of the computing
see history of computing
history of monitor
In prepartion
history of printers
In preparation
see internet timeline
internet infrastructure
see internet timeline
internet network
see internet timeline
jones fletcher
joseph jacquard
joseph marie jacquard
kapor mitch
ken iverson
larry harris
mainframes; what is a mainframe
marcian e hoff
inventor see also biographies; Ted Hoff
marcian hoff
inventor see also biographies; Ted Hoff
marie curie
microprocessor 4004
microsoft word
microsoft word history
mini computers
see hardware and the chapter on computer architecture
mitch kapor
moore s law
name of first personal computer
noam chomsky
la pascaline, pascaline; see also Blaise Pascal
Amerindian, Aztec or Mayan way of tranferring messages or keep record of something
ram speeds
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ram speeds 1980
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spam_can.jpg, see spam
scott mcnealy
seventeen year old herbert zinn
see Claude Shannon
slide rulers
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steve jobs
together with Ste Wozniak developed the Apple I
storage devices
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software for structural testing
the first calculator
the first computer
the first e mail
the history of the computing
see main page timeline or the slide show



birthday in a specific year goto: year of birth and select your year.

26 june 1946

TRON, one of the first computer animated movies, well partly.
operating system mostly for multi user environment
unix bill joy
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what is the microprocessor 4004
see intel's 4004
who developed the first 3 1/2 floppy
who invented the first computer
answer: Charles Babbage
who invented the first personal computer
Berkely: "Giant brain machine"
nolan bushnell
see Nolan Bushnell
william hewlett
william redington hewlett, see William Hewlett
william oughtred
inventor of one of the first fully functional calculators
william stanley jevons
inventor of one of the first logical calculators; see timeline 1846



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