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History of Computer Aided Design


Notice to our readers

The original material for this page came from Mr. Bozdoc's site that at some date appeared to be dead after our periodical hyperlink check. However we regarded the material to be too valuable and republished the CAD contents from our archives.

After some time we regained Mr. Bozdoc's e-mail address and invited him to cooperate in this project but to our dismay Mr. Bozdoc withdrew his permission to republish his material from his site. We were therefor forced to remove the CAD history page as you will have noticed

Therefor we will start our own research and publish the chronology and history of CAD in the same way as we did with the timeline chapters, namely: iteratively.

We apologize to our readers for this inconvenience.

Mr. Bozdocs excellent CAD history can be found at http://mbinfo.mbdesign.net/CAD1960.htm



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Last Updated on January 16, 2006
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