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Expert systems

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Introduction to Expert Systems

An expert system is a computer programme where data is stored and manipulated by the programme to come up with advises, hints, directions in reaction of input by users of dataacquisition devices.

How does it work?

An expert system is one of the off springs of Artificial Intelligence programming. Expert system are used in professional areas like Diagnostics (Medicines), Construction, and Simulation. Since the growth rate in this specific field is 100 percent it is to be expected that expert systems will be applied in other areas. In principle is an expert system a further development of the (conventional) third generation programming languages. And as such a system like that can hardly be called an extension of Artificial Intelligence.

The advantage of an expert system can be seen in the fact that a separation takes place between collected knowledge and Problem Solving Strategy. Because of this differentiation maintenance costs of the system can be at a minimum. A complete Expert System consists of the following components:

  1. KNOWLEDGE BASE composed by experts in a particular field
  2. COMMUNICATION components
  3. SITUATION dependent or CONTEXT related HELP system
  4. PROBLEM SOLVING components. (line interpreter)

Only a combination of all these components allows the system to be called an EXPERT SYSTEM or KNOWLEDGE BASED SYSTEM.[]

Knowledge systems

{were data is stored and can be retrieved intelligently}