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History of Computing in Europe

This page offers an index to separate European country pages.

This is a joint effort by different editors and webmasters from different sites all over the world.

Please refer to their respective sites for more info

If you want to become a moderator for one of the country timelines please mail us


The layout of a country page is not much different from the major time line. Only that it displays country timelines specialized per country, an index that points towards major machines developed in or by that country, pioneers, and other developments that are of significance for that particular country.

Contents of each country page:

Timeline - as major timeline
Most important machines and inventions - index
Pioneers - index
Software developments - index
Other developments - index

Country index of Europe and selected other countries

Country Code Editor Date Change
Albania AL    
Andorra AD    
Austria AT    
Belarus BY    
Belgium BE    
Bosnia Herzegovina BA    
Bulgaria BG    
Croatia HR    
Cyprus CY    
Czech Republic CZ    
Denmark DK    
Estonia EE    
Finland FI    
France FR    
Germany GE Paul Stuijt 07-04-2002 initialization and standard template
Greece GR    
Hungary HU    


Ireland IE    
Italy IT    
Japan JP Cornelis Robat 01-07-2004 initialisation and basic data
Latvia LV    
Lichtenstein LI    
Lithuania LT    
Luxemburg LU    
Macedonia MK    
Norway NO    
Poland PL Kamil Klimkiewicz 01-04-2002 initialization and standard template
Portugal PO    
Romania RO    
Russia RU    
San marino SM    
Slovakia SK    
Slovenia SI    
Spain ES    
Sweden SV    
Switzerland CH    
The Netherlands NL THOCF 01-02-2002 initialization and standard template
Turkey TR    
Ukraine UA    
United Kingdom UK Paul Stuijt 08-04-2002 initialization and standard template
Vatican City VA    
Yugoslavia YU    
Yugoslavia (former) YU    





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